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Unique, handcrafted jewelry and more...

 Gia Neil Sneed, owner and chief designer of The Mahogany Box and Mahogany Wraps founded her. 

brand with the desire to empower individuals through the celebration of their unique style. At the 

intersection where fashion and art coalesce, Gia lovingly crafts each individual piece from beginning to 

end, selecting each precious stone, bead, and fabric herself; breathing life into innovative and original 

styles that cannot be found anywhere else. Her fashions have been worn by Alicia Quarles on “E:News” and

Sheryl Underwood on“The Talk.” 

Gia's creativity flows seamlessly with her mission of sisterhood and empowerment. She is the originator 

and curator of the Sisters Empowering Each Other (S.E.E.O) platform. What began as a text group for 

like-minded women has blossomed and branched into a network of women entrepreneurs, authors, 

designers, and career women who share experiences, resources, and are dedicated to uplifting all 

women. Her SEEO group can be found on social media via Facebook and Instagram, welcoming and 

embracing any woman that needs positive kinship. She is also a co-host of the up-and-coming podcast, 

"My Morning Coffee, which tackles subjects relevant to the community with a contemporary style that 

is "Fresh, Bold, and Full of Flavor." Half of a powerful hostess duo, Gia's multi-faceted experience in both 

creative design and law enforcement gives her unique opinions and ideas that challenge and edify the 

listeners and participants. 

Gia, a woman of many talents, is a no-nonsense straight shooter. When she isn’t created jaw-dropping fashions, she is a

30-year veteran lieutenant of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department. LASD is the single largest sheriff’s

department in the country. The Mahogany Box carries an ever-evolving selection of statement necklaces, chokers, bracelets, and 

earrings in addition to Mahogany Wraps unique headwraps that can be worn in any environment. Her 

show stopping headwraps and jewelry pieces are a must when you need extra glamour, and there is a 

pattern or style to compliment every outfit. The Mahogany Box has recently expanded into clothing, 

providing eye-catching, bold, quality screen prints on shirts, jackets, handbags, and just about anything 

else you can imagine. Custom pieces can be commissioned; the ability to make your style vision a reality 

is a gift that The Mahogany Box is thrilled to share! 

Instagram:@themahoganybox, Facebook: @GiaNeil, @themahoganybox, Webs:,, SHEIN X DESIGNER 

We look forward to enhancing your individual style soon! 

The Mahogany Box, designed by Gia Neil Sneed, is an ever-evolving selection of casual street wear fashion, statement necklaces and specialty jewelry in addition to Mahogany Wraps, a unique line of headwraps that can be worn in any environment. Her show stopping headwraps and jewelry pieces are a must when you need extra glamour, and there is a pattern or style to compliment every outfit. 

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